Metal False Ceilings:

Now you are well aware of necessity of False Ceilings.

Question now is which False Ceiling? What Material?

Metal False Ceiling is the Best Solution, Initial Budgeting has to be seen but with respect to maintenance and life it turns out to be cheaper.

As mentioned in our menu of Functional Utility Metal False Ceiling carries following Basic advantages which may be not there in other non metal false ceilings.

Better Aesthetics Long Paint Life Acoustical Properties
Maintenance free Water Proof Corrosion Proof
Fire Retardant Easy Removing & Reaffixing No Asbestos
Quick Installation Ultra Durable No Mineral Fibre
Easy of access to Slab/Plenum Termite Proof No Cracks

Supersil Metal False Ceilings:

Pioneers and having state of the art technology, ‘SUPERSIL’ is the only company manufacturing from indigenous material Panels and all Components with Powder Coating under one roof, maintaining International Quality with Indian Economics.

Fact is in ‘SUPERSIL’ the Quality is defined and New Products are developed.

With its deep eye in Contracting, the Company assists the Installers and Clients to solve the intricate details of site by maximizing Customization of Panel Sizes.

Engineering Department assist customers in preparing Bill of Quantity, Drawings, Minimizing wastage and even Supervising the Installation at Site if required

After Sales service of Company includes training of Housekeeping staff to remove and refix panels along with guide on cleaning.

Remember ‘SUPERSIL’ whenever you think of ‘FALSE CEILING’

‘SUPERSIL’ is becoming synonym for ‘METAL FALSE CEILING’